Realme C2 Flash File (All Version)


Download the file below with a direct download link and read all the flashing instructions before flashing your phone. If you run a flash tool on your PC, you will be asked to log in as the device needs login credentials. If you don’t have to just contact me on the Facebook page or give me a letter. It’s operation paid provided.

Realme C2 RMX1945 Flash File (official Firmware)

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NameDownload Link
RMX1945EX_11_C.57_210531_331d08f0Google Drive || One Drive
RMX1945_11_C.56_210425_rcsm AndroidFileHost
RMX1945EX_11_A.34_210508_3ac0c97b AndroidFileHost
RMX1945EX_11_A.33_210306_3ac0c97bOne Dive
RMX1945EX_11_A.32_210114_3ac0c97b One Drive
RMX1945EX_11_A.31_201216_cf366f35 One Drive
RMX1945EX_11_A.30_201028_cf366f35 MediaFire
RMX1945EX_11_A.25_200501_adc8582cOne Drive
RMX1941_11_C.56_210425_rcsmMediaFire MediaFire MediaFire
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Realme C2 RMX1941 Flash File (official Firmware)

RMX1941EX_11_C.57_210531_331d08f0cOne Drive
RMX1941_11_C.56_210425_rcsmOne Drive
RMX1941EX_11_A.34_210508_3ac0c97b MediaFire
RMX1941EX_11_A.33_210306_3ac0c97b MediaFire
RMX1941EX_11_A.32_210114_3ac0c97b MediaFire
RMX1941EX_11_A.31_201216_cf366f35 MediaFire
RMX1941EX_11_A.30_201028_cf366f35 MediaFire
RMX1941EX_11_A.23_200108_8ccaffaa MediaFire
RMX1941EX_11_A.21_191209_f59604e3 MediaFire
RMX1941_11_C.56_210425_rcsm MediaFire


  • Make sure that your device’s battery is fully charged to 30 percent.
  • Download the firmware file using the most recent version of Winrar or 7zip.
  • Make sure to verify device model before installing the firmware.
  • install the latest version of the USB, Driver before installing the firmware file.
  • The default password to extract files is officialroms or
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