Dedicated Hosting & Virtual Servers

Dedicated Servers

Interoute’s Dedicated Hosting Services provide business-critical, stable and perform as they require and are ideal for organizations where compliance and regulations require dedicated equipment. The servers are constructed using industry-standard equipment, but Interoute offers options for custom hardware when needed.

Virtual Servers

Interoute offers a range of managed virtualization solutions accessible in a private or shared system of resources or a mix of both. The services we offer for hosting virtual servers include:

  • Managed Virtual Servers are created by allocating resources from the “in the cloud” shared infrastructure that includes processors and memory and storage. The service generally provides an extremely cost-effective hosting solution that allows customers to set up virtual servers and firewalls and storage through any virtual hosting platforms that are part of Interoute’s global network. Virtual devices are all configured to be highly available. When there is hardware malfunction, the service will automatically reboot using a different device, which means there is virtually no downtime, regardless of the service.
  • Managed Private Cloud – for solutions that require a dedicated VMware infrastructure for added protection and stability, Interoute can provide a Managed Private Cloud. This is the best option for technology flexibility and performance services. Interoute offers an exclusive host of virtual server hosts and storage for enterprises that can be expanded as needed. Within the cluster, virtual machines can be placed in any configuration with software and infrastructure limitation.
  • Integrated dedicated hosting and Virtual Servers – Our dedicated servers and virtual servers give you the possibility of integrating managed virtual and dedicated services into one to make the most from both of these infrastructures. This allows organizations to benefit from the benefits of virtualization, such as less CAPEX in addition to a simplified upgrade process and expansion, as well as high-performance for these types of servers. They also assist in offering stable performance and a supportable infrastructure for the functions in which dedicated Server hosting is more appropriate.

For more information about Dedicated Hosting, please visit our dedicated information page about hosting.

Interoute Managed Security Services

Interoute is aware that the security of networks poses several complex issues for businesses. If you compromise on security for your enterprise, you risk compromising your business. Interoute offered a multi-layered method of providing security services which ranged from:

  • DDoS mitigation – Network-based defence against DDoS attacks regardless of the location on Interoute’s network
  • Next-Generation Firewalls – Managed Next-Generation Firewall service provided on the network.
  • Network Intrusion Prevention is a managed service that allows inspection of packets and malware blockage to safeguard our clients.
  • Content Filtering The ability to control and manage the most reliable vectors of attack by filtering content on websites and emails
  • Managed 2Factor authentication– allowing 2FA to be used as an alternative to Roaming Access using SSL or IPsec as well as a stand-alone service
  • Security Consulting offered by select partners each partner was evaluated based on their abilities and expertise in helping Interoute customers.